Stage & After-Dinner Magician

 If you have a larger audience, or would like all your guests to enjoy my magic together – a professional stage magician is absolutely perfect for you!

They are interactive, fun, mind-reading shows and are great for an audience of anywhere from just 10 people to 500 people!

After-Dinner Speaking


Cameron is also a professional speaker and so is often the perfect act to have on during the tea’s and coffee’s at any big corporate or formal event. He can do anywhere from 10-40 minutes including some of his stage act along with his signature style of fun, laughter, amazement, astonishment and, of course, entertainment.

As opposed to most “standard” after dinner speakers, Cameron is interactive, fun and engages the whole room while also leaves your audience with a longer lasting impression. Cameron’s after dinner set can also be tailored to include any messages or themes that might overarch your event.

Get in touch to have a chat over a bespoke after-dinner package that is perfectly suited to your needs!

Stage & cabaret Show

A short showreel of some of Cameron’s recent stage performances!

Stage shows can be easily tailored to any venue and can be anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour!

Cameron is resident magician & mind reader at Scotland's most popular Cabaret venue, Wild Cabaret, where he performs anywhere from 4-12 shows a month (tickets available online).

Cameron has also performed 4 highly successful original one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Mind Your Head, THINK, THINK 2 and POWER.

All this makes Cameron one of the few stage magicians & mind readers in Scotland to have done the hours on stage that it takes to hold an entire room’s attention & enthusiasm and delivers a unique experience in each and every one of his performances.